About Us

As you strive to take your business across different levels of growth in a completely new world, we recognize the significance of running your company, not only in a transparent and sustainable manner, but also within an efficient and responsive environment that is fully powered by technology.

It is in order to help you achieve your strategic sustainable goals that we designed the BodAdmin Solution.

Our products



We’ve built user-friendly features that helps your company transform from physical, paper-back documents, to digitized data and corporate resources required for routine and strategic governance work. Our solutions are designed to help you digitize your company for more efficiency and productivity.


With an Enterprise suite consisting of Nine Modules, BodAdmin is probably all you need to position your company for value. If you truly desire to take your company to the next level, then using a single platform where everyone can collaborate for governance, regulatory compliance, risk management and enterprise sustainability, is a no-brainer.


BodAdmin is a modern software built around agile and state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure. Our aim is to help your company speed up business innovation, operations integrity and workflow automation, by leveraging our new-ways-of-working tools.