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If your team has been working remotely or holding more virtual meetings with key stakeholders such as board of directors, and investors, like other smart teams globally, you are probably thinking of how to register attendance online. 

Beyond easily tracking your meeting proceedings, digital attendance registers are becoming more popular for its capability to save you from recording wrong dates, missed names, and other costly human errors that usually plague manual meeting management. 

There are a couple of quick fixes to register attendance online – using Google Sheets, creating an attendance register app and the rest are the most common suggestions we have seen online lately. But there is a more effective and reliable way to manage your meetings without breaking the bank!

What is digital attendance management?


Digital attendance management can  be done with a digital attendance app or web-based solution that will seamlessly manage and report team attendance.

Some of features to look out for in digital attendance register include:

1. Easy to deploy and use.

2. Reliable data security.

3. Simple and clear reporting.

4. Timely notifications and team updates.

5. Attendance ranking and performance. 


Why use digital attendance tracker?

Digital attendance tracker is a helpful application for every business regardless of scope and size. According to data from Acumen Data Systems on ROI for Automated Employee Time & Attendance, digital attendance systems can help optimize productivity and team wage bill. 

By automating attendance tracking and reporting, you get a lot of important data that can help you make better financial decisions, and allocate resources accurately as required by specific stakeholders. 

It makes it easy to schedule meetings automatically, manage attendance, and synchronize workflow as well as action items for all stakeholders.

How to create an online attendance register?

Use BodAdmin Digital Attendance Register. It is a simple and convenient tool that tracks attendance at company meetings and events. 

It is an online attendance tracker that helps you simplify the tedious task of keeping records of attendees for more effective planning, decision-making and executions.

Getting a digital attendance register in Nigeria.

Our Digital Attendance Register helps you track, view and report team attendance at meetings and events in real-time without usual hassles of manual meeting management methods.

With BodAdmin Attendance Register, tracking your meetings is entirely web-based so you can enter data from anywhere in the world.

Use it for your meetings and events today and confidently say goodbye to wrong dates, missed names, and other inadvertent human errors! Reach out to us via or +23490874822333 today. We will get you started in a bit

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