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BodAdmin Corporate Governance Platform helps you balance the interests of shareholders, senior management executives, customers, suppliers, financiers, the government, and your community in real-time.

From Corporate governance, company secretarial and regulatory compliance, to strategy, business development and enterprise sustainability, we provide digital resources that help you dematerialize your company's corporate information assets, create an ecosystem for oversight transformation, operations integrity and value realization.

Strategic Partner :
Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria
Our products
Empower your company with our enterprise corporate governance suite driven by nine robust modules that will help you maximize performance, compliance, information integrity, accountability, transparency, and long-term value.
Governance Portal
Our end-to-end corporate governance platform offers you a fully integrated set of features for your Board of Directors, Executive Management and Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration.
Attendance Register
We have developed a digital attendance register that is not only searchable and retrievable, but also lets you fully document your team's attendance and participation, even for virtual meetings and events.
Minute Book
With our virtual corporate minute book, you can record minutes of recent or ongoing meetings, create interactive archives of old minutes, right from the very first board meeting of your company.
Corporate Universe
Get a dynamic overview of your company with our Corporate Universe solution which comprises a set of enterprise tools and features that presents your entire company in a user-friendly dashboard.
Dispute Portfolio
Our Dispute Portfolio is an organised digital platform that gives you a coherent view of disputes, details of key service risks, adjudicatory activities, legal opinion on the disputed issues and status.
Contract Domain
With our Contract Domain, you can create a robust repository that helps you develop detailed dashboards for contract records and features for online tracking of execution, performance, termination or renewal.
Investor Relations
Our online investor relations tool supports the creation and management of reporting and disclosure data, required by stakeholders and for assessing performance and value realization from investments.
Reporting Tool
Our reporting tool is a digital multi-regulatory platform for reporting on compliance with rules, regulations and statutory obligations applicable in the sector of your company’s business.
Enterprise Sustainability
The BodAdmin solution enables you build a sustainability strategy, match your sustainability objectives with business strategy, and develop corporate social initiatives that give your company long-term value.
Our unique value proposition
Dematerialization of Corporate Information Assets
We’ve built user-friendly features that help you transform from physical, paper-back documents, to digitized data and corporate resources required for routine and strategic governance work. Our solutions are designed to help you digitize your company for more efficiency and productivity.
End-to-end Company Administration
With an Enterprise suit consisting of Nine Modules, BodAdmin is probably all you need to position your company for value. If you truly desire to take your company to the next level, then using a single platform where everyone can collaborate for governance, regulatory compliance, risk management and enterprise sustainability, is a no-brainer.
Cloud-based Enterprise Service
BodAdmin is a modern software built around agile and state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure. Our aim is to help your company speed up business innovation, operations integrity and workflow automation, by leveraging our new-ways-of-working tools.
Driving Sustainable Business Values
At BodAdmin, our primary objective is to help you simplify the entire process of your company’s corporate affairs and regulatory compliance support. Our digital platforms are designed to help your company create sustainable business value through an efficient content management proposition that is safe, secure and scalable.
User insights & proof of value realization.
Some feedback from our customers.
quote open
BodAdmin has completely changed the way I do my work as Company Secretary. I've finally achieved efficiency and clarity in the way I manage the Board of Directors, Executive Management and other Stakeholders. Highly recommended.”
Chinonyelum Ibe
Company Secetary
Rockshield Asset Protection Company
quote open
The Corporate Universe has helped my Company attain desired levels in collaboration and governance. BodAdmin turned out to be exactly what I need to have a full vie of the corporate resource of my Company.”
Ifeanyi Agbo
Managing Director
Hybreed Agro-Allied Investments
quote open
Keeping track of decisions made during brainstorming sessions has never been easier, new decisions are easily communnicated, issues are escalated to the right people, and everyone at anytime knows what exactly is going on.”
Terry Pouke
Creative Director
SunBeam Product Studio
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